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  •  Local Laughs - www.facebook.com/locallaughs
    Check the latest lineups of the finest comedy night around. Also:
  •  Squirrel Comedy - www.squirrelcomedy.com
    Giving you a great overview of the comedy scene. Check out the "What's On" section for live comedy in Melbourne.
  •  NOTBBC - www.notbbc.co.uk
    Home of the famous NOTBBC Comedy Forum, RichardHerring.com, Mel and Sue's Cakeshop, the official Lee & Herring site, Talking Cock, and a whole range of other sites, forums and features...
  •  Wombat's website - www.photobat.net
    See the work of award-winning comedy photographer Wombat(aka Alan Moyle). Warning: may contain lovely images of Tasmanian scenery.
  •  THE LOCAL - partying-est bar of all - www.thelocal.com.au
    I do two gigs a week here - trivia on Sundays and comedy on Mondays.
    And sometimes I just drop by anyway cos it's such good bloody fun.
    I've lost half my liver to this place.
  •  This is a real website. - www.mrbrainsfaggots.com
    In certain parts of the UK they have weird meatball things called "faggots". Be sure to check out "faggot recipes" and "The Faggot Family". What a curious nation.
  •  RichardHerring.com - www.richardherring.com
    Richard Herring's new website is now online.

    Inside you'll find scripts, posters, rare photos, press archives and even the odd rejection letter. Not to mention the latest gig listings and weblog-like 'Warming Up' section.
  •  Things to do to your cat - www.petoffice.co.jp/catprin/english/#hiyoko
    Weird stuff, people.
  •  John Hegley - www.johnhegley.co.uk
    Comedic poet/poetic comedian extraordinaire.